Our dynamic team is ready to produce custom solutions.
These products could be one-shot ones, already designed to last in time, or scalable ones, ready to improve over time and adapt to the users.
Obviously, for every product, we guarantee integrated customer support.


ZetaBarber is our own project. It’s born from our needs. Our barber was always late for appointments, so in 2017 we developed this application. He had started to use it and then some other barbers in his town did want it. Since then there have been 4 new major updates to the App.

Thanks to ZetaBarber clients and barbers are in communication and in the fastest and easiest way: the clients could book their appointment quickly and with ease, and the barbers could bring their shops in the digital world with this App. Actually, we should talk about 2 App, ‘cause we have one for the clients and another one for the barbers. And with the different goals and users come a different structure.


To build ZetaBarber we used two different Languages to code the apps: Flutter for ZetaBarber and React Native for ZetaBarber Business (for the barbers).

For the barbers we created in ZetaBarber Business a dynamic calendar, to help them.
Thanks to the algorithm of this smart agenda, the barber has zero waste of time and can optimize his appointments to have bigger profits and untroubled days.

We are proud over 100.000 customers use this App nowadays and the numbers are still growing.


Yoga Academy

Yoga Academy is the online yoga school founded by Denise Dellagiacoma

Currently, it is the number one online yoga school in Italy. Yoga Academy decided to partner with Zumbat to develop the app of the school.

Yoga Academy offers classes for different levels and it’s both for beginners and advanced yogi. All the classes follow the Body Mind Flow method created by Denise to practice online wherever and whenever you want

You will feel your mind and body deeply connected. In the app you can find all the classes of Yoga Academy, you can select your favorite ones and also watch videos offline with a simple download. You can get a monthly or a yearly subscription. Videos are updated constantly.


The studio of the nutritionists Digitales has commissioned us Digiketo, an interesting App, to help the users during the ketogenic diet.

One of the most interesting features is the set of questions at the beginning of the user’s experience. These questions are designed to help the patient understand if he can endure a ketogenic diet, and they aren’t a fixed row, but they shift thanks to the previous answers to adapt.
In the App you can find every ingredient and the related recipes with the dietary values, so when the user adds them, the App could upgrade the user profile.

The App structure is a commercial one, ‘cause the purpose is to sell in subscriptions the products designed to help have a balanced diet. And that’s why we add an important function: a daily customized message to help you understand what’s your diet is lacking.

And So Many More...