We Are Jumpers

Are you ready to meet us Jumpers? 
To shape our own future we need to be the best and we can do it because we like our team members. That’s why we want to introduce them to you.You’ll be happy to meet us: we’re the hard-working, loud and proactive bunch of Zumbat!


From Different Places Backgrounds

Like every team, we want to grow, because bigger is better; but our soul, our core, has to stay the same. We want enthusiasm and we want commitment.

Our strength is our attitude. When we create, work, discuss and shape our project together, nothing can stall us, ‘cause we have a very good safety net: each other.

We know how much every one of us is worth and we respect every Jumper’s mind and talent, that’s why we can argue over every single problem ready to learn from each fellow Jumper. But it’s not enough. To be happy with your work you have to enjoy every key element, and that’s why we choose people we like as coworkers: we are going to become friends, so even the formalities are nonsense. Thanks to that our team is way closer than usual.

meet the jumpers


Lorenzo De Stefano

Founder - CMO

nicola Vastola

Founder - CTO

Francesco Giugliano

Founder - CPO

Carmine Giugliano

Backend Developer

Salvatore Parmosa

Content Creator